Sensational Artificial Intelligence with R

Learn how to come up with sensational AI solutions using R!


Sensational Artificial Intelligence with R is the online repository for a set of lectures and courses on Data Science as well as a forthcoming book on doing Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with the sensationally wonderful statistical programming language R. There are already so many good books on this topic out there that another one won't really deteriorate the overall situation. This resource is maintained by Ronald Hochreiter who teaches Data Science a lot - and just loves it. While there are many brilliant books out there - none contains all (and just) the content he needs for teaching. Hence his own resource has been created.

Furthermore there is a R package available (not yet, coming soon) which allows for quick and easy access to all codes and data sets to make it easy and fun to come up with sensational Artificial Intelligence solutions after walking through the content.

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Data Science with R


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The Book, Snippets & Screencasts Sensational Artificial Intelligence with R will be available soon!


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